About Us

20110601_2383 We at Greg Stone Landscape Architects have been in business for over thirty years, providing a dynamic landscape design experience for our clients. We approach every project with the goal of creating something wonderful and unique, and we encourage you to enjoy the process.

We want every one of our projects, large and small, to result in a landscape that exceeds our client’s expectations. To accomplish this, we stay involved from the design phase all the way through to construction completion. Our work encompasses all facets of landscape architecture. We are often involved with grading and site contouring as part of the initial design process. The heart of your project includes the design of outdoor structures, pools, fireplaces, hardscape, drainage, lighting, planting and irrigation.

During all phases of your project, we work with you to create wonderful spaces and outdoor living experiences. We think about sights, sounds, and smells. About colors, textures and light. Everything has to work together so that spaces will feel good and flow from one to the other. Your landscape should be a work of art.

Your design will evolve through both the conceptual and working drawing phases of your project. We are there every step of the way, spending time with you to get to know your needs and your style. Later, we work with you to hand-select hardscape and plant materials, as well as special features such as rock, stone, tiles, fountains and pottery.

When we all work together and allow this process to develop, the result is often spectacular and beyond anyone’s preconceived expectations. Most of our clients comment that their finished project is what they tried to envision on their own, but that they could never have imagined the final outcome.

We would enjoy creating something very special for you too.